Steady Track High Mount Steering Stabilizer Kit, 2.5-4.5in Lift, 2017+ for Fox #983-02-143

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#105037 - Steady Track™ High Mount Steering Stabilizer Kit, 2.5-4.5in Lift, 2017+ for Fox 983-02-143

This Kit Inculudes:

  • 601124 Steady Track™ Frame Bracket
  • 601123 Steady Track™ Arm Bracket
  • 105031 Pitman Arm Kit, 2.5in-4.5in
  • 101343 OUO Custom Pitman Arm Nut

Fitment: Ford 2017+ F250 | F350

We understand OUO has many options, and it gets overwhelming. There is a reason for all this complication. We don't settle becuase becuase it is complicated, and neither should you. Other companies dumb it down to make it easier for you to buy, not make your truck drive the best is could possibly drive. Due to random production availability of Fox ATS Stabilizers, we have made our brackets fit many ATS stabilizers, so if a 983-02-144 is backordered, we can still get a stabilizer on your truck. If we have or you have or you can buy a 983-02-144 - Fits 2011-2016 F250 | F350, we have brackets for that. If we have or you have or you can buy a 983-02-143 - Fits 2017+ F250 | F350, we have brackets for that. If we have or you have or you can buy a 983-02-070, Fits Jeep JK, we have brackets for that

The Steady Track™ system will work on a stock height truck improving drivability. The Steady Track™ system will also work on lifted trucks improving drivability. Moving the Stabilizer to the pitman arm gets rid of the wear and tear on the drag link. It lets the side to side steering movement be dampened without the vertical suspension movement amplifying the bump steer. This lets you run the Fox ATS at a higher setting for better control. Even with a Steady Track™ your stock truck needs more castor, see our alignment page.

Steady Track™ Disclaimer:

This item is one item out of a group of items we have developed to make your truck drive better. Make no mistake, this will not magically fix your trash “RACE” lift kit or your $35 trash level kit. It will not fix the longer spring and shock some people call a level kit. It will not fix worn parts and will not cure death wobble. We don’t / never recommend using the Steady Track™ without the other OUO items unless your truck is stock and you have the castor above 4 degrees.

Is it better that any other option? Yes or we would not sell it.

If you are a cheap skate tightwad that really loves learning things the hard way and you could not justify doing it right the first time and now you are having to wear that dirty diaper. This will help.

when you had that “good - better – best” choice and could not see thru that scam that the better one is the one with the best profit. We can help.

You can also use the Steady Track™ brackets to get the Fox ATS you were sold, to work correctly and not have bump steer and then fix the rest of your pathetic lift later.

Or if you were bamboozled by a salesman that sold you a fancy “Race” lift, we do feel for you, and this will help, but will not unscrew the hot mess you have going.

You could be one of those mix and match guys that likes to piece together his own kit from different manufacturers, but when you get it all done you learn something is not right and nobody has any answers other then finger pointing. We can fix that, you will have to replace some of the trash, but we can fix it.

You have been warned, so when you call up and say I bought the Steady Track™ from you and my truck still drives horrible and still has bump steer I will tell you… it’s your trash lift 100%. If your lifted truck has one or more of these popular items, a horrible adjustable track rod, horrible track rod bracket, horrible shocks, horrible 65-pound radius arms with solid stainless joints, horrible radius arm geometry, a horrible 4 link, a horrible dual stabilizer bracket, horrible sway bar links or horrible draglink, it will not drive up to our caliber even with a Steady Track™. So when I see you online complaining about your trash lift and how the Steady Track™ didn’t fix it, I will post a link to this right in there so everyone can see that you not listening is the real problem.

You need all the components to be matched by someone that knows how to match suspension components for the truck to drive correctly. We looked high and low and we can’t find anyone else and actually can do it.

To make it easier, name any brand that is not OUO…..that’s the trash that is making your truck drive like poo.

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