#105603 - 4.5in Lift Kit, Steady Track - Standard [2011-2016]

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#105603 - 4.5in Lift Kit, Steady Track™ - Standard

This Kit Includes*:

  • 105017 Track Rod Bracket
  • 105065 Track Rod
  • 105058 Steady Track™ Bracket
  • 106208 Fox ATS Stabilizer (983-02-144)
  • 105020 Adjustable Coil Leveler
  • 105082 Icon Coil Front Springs, 2.5in
  • 105029 Sway Bar Relocation Kit
  • 105073 Radius Arm Drop
  • 101366 Bump Stop Drop, 2.5in
  • Choice of Shocks

*Not all parts shown may be included.

*This kit only contains front truck components; you must add rear components separately if desired. This excludes a shock package, a shock package, if added, will include front and rear shocks.*

If you are lifting the front of your truck over 2.5 inches you will need rear lift components.

One Up Offroad’s Steady Axis™ Steering

OUO’s Steady Axis™ Steering refines the geometry of the front suspension components. Taking into account all of the factors of the radius arms, drag link, track rod, shock travel, three-dimensional axle housing, and knuckle paths to get the lowest bump steer possible. Going beyond “good enough” and optimizing the system to get it perfected.

OUO’s Steady Track™ Stabilizer moves the high mount steering stabilizer off of the drag link and onto the pitman arm. This design change gives a higher level of confidence in the steering performance.

OUO Lift Systems has been optimally designed to give the best possible steering geometry.

There is more to the front suspension of solid axle trucks than trying to make the bars the same length and the same angle. No matter how many magazines say it, or internet 'experts' repeat it, the “same length / same angle” is not the correct mathematical equation to make these trucks not have bump steer. “Same length / same angle” is an overly simplified answer to a complicated equation. Also, we know you can't just move the track rod location over an inch to make the factory track rod work and not suffer negative consequences of increased bump steer because of changing that geometry. Just like putting on a 2in dropped pitman arm with no other matching components is a horrible idea. Usually, the lowest cost is not the best way to get a top of the line truck to drive well. One Up Offroad has never set out to build anything lowest cost, instead we have always strived to make the best product possible and let the cost be where it may.

OUO’s Steady Track™ Stabilizer

When a truck is not lifted, having the steering stabilizer attached to the drag link is some-what functional because the angles between the two are closer to horizontal. As you raise the suspension you increase the angle of the drag link. When the suspension cycles, that increased angle is trying the be held straight by steering stabilizer that's moving on a completely opposing arc. These opposing arcs cause the steering stabilizer to induce bump steer by forcing the drag link to follow the arc that it is mounted on and not the arc of the track rod. The Fox ATS Adjustable Steering Stabilizer is an amazing design. The pass thru shaft design works really well, is effective and the adjustability makes this an excellent unit. However, if it is put on a lifted or leveled truck it will amplify the bump steer. To fix this problem we invented the Steady Track System. Our patent pending and trademarked Steady Track System™ moves the mounting of the steering stabilizer off the drag link onto a bracket on the pitman arm. This eliminates the suspension movements from affecting the steering stabilizers directional control. Refining these details gives a more stable feel to the steering wheel.

Trucks with solid front axles have the highest un-sprung weight in any automotive class. When you take off the 20-inch factory wheel and put on a 26-inch wheel you increase that un-sprung weight. When you take an 8in sidewall height and reduce it to 3 inches it removes a tremendous amount of ride quality. When you run 60 pounds of air in your tires it makes the truck ride very harsh. Large wheels and short tires will make it so you feel every bump in the road like it's twice as big, even if you have the absolute best tuned suspension. It's unrealistic to think anyone can tune a shock to make a heavy-roller with metal wheels drive like a luxury car.

OUO Track Rod

OUO track rods are adjustable on the truck. That may not seem like a big deal until you go to center your axle, then it is huge deal. A track rod that you have remove to adjust or set to a to a predetermine lengths based on a test truck, is horrible. Its low cost to make and they make a lot of profit on it, but it makes setting up the truck a hassle. It leads to “good enough” because the installer doesn’t want to keep messing with it.

The OUO frame side joint has a cushion to adsorb harsh road impacts. It is low cost to replace. You can get the bushing anywhere in the world with no complications. Its always in stock. It lasts a long time, 100k mile zone. Does not need service. It is rugged, the same bushing is used on the F550. Tried and true, been used in these trucks since 2005. Best joint to keep the factory suspension feel. Contrary to the other dishonest suspension companies saying these will bind up, these bushing will handle 16” of travel. None of the rest of the front suspension will handle 16” of travel so this joint works excellent.

We do have a Chromoly OUO Joint available that will need to be maintained. It is nearly indestructible, but it will need to be greased and tightened at the spanner ring every 10k. It has no cushion to adsorb harsh road impacts. If you do wear it out, you can rebuild it for low cost. it is best for truck pulling, drag racing full boosted launches, it’s not good if you want your truck to drive the best and you hate working on your truck.

At the axle end of the OUO track bar we keep the factory Ford joint. We do this for many reasons. They are strong, the same joint is used in the F550’s and millions of Ford trucks since 2005. Yes, they are a wear item, all joints are, but they are robust and last a long time. They do not need maintenance. They can be replaced correctly, at a very low cost by any shop in the country with no special instructions. Might not seem like a big deal, until it is a big deal, and you are stuck somewhere with death wobble and no quick way to get back on the road. If you have a factory joint that didn’t last, don’t be discouraged, just replace it and the new one will last much longer. Some of them were bad out of the assembly line because of a supply chain issue.

We do not sell the OUO Track rod without the OUO Track Rod bracket because it is one component of a many part system. Just adding a adjustable track rod will do more harm that good because the bump steer and steering chatter will be amplified. It is better to run the full Steady Axis with Steady Track System. Contrary to the other dishonest suspension companies that will take your money and not give any hoots what your truck drives like and long as they make the sales numbers for the shareholders.

Teflon Track Rod Joints?

Teflon track rod joints are the aftermarket industry standard. We don’t like them. We don’t recommend them. Teflon Joints ride, drive, and last horrible. It has no cushion to adsorb harsh road impacts. Teflon joints destroy the rest of the components on your front suspension like your steering box, drag link, Steering shaft joints. Teflon joints will need to be replaced frequently, 10k mile zone. It is not low cost to replace. It does not need service. Teflon joints last less time when wet. Even less time if you trap water in them with a rubber boot. Water and grease will ruin the Teflon liner in these joints. Do not grease a Teflon Joint. This would be our last choice to put on any truck. Same goes for using these in your Drag Link, they are a bamboozle downgrade. Contrary to the other dishonest suspension companies saying these are good, they are only good at separating you from your money.

If you got bamboozled and now your truck doesn’t drive like you want, we can help.

Our “builders” will let you keep the stuff you can use and update the trash you don’t want to use.

  • We don’t have the simplest way of ordering.
  • We don’t have the lowest cost.
  • We don’t have high production numbers for every truck made.
  • We do build the most functional, highest evolved, best driving Superduty suspension that always changes to be even better.
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