OUO Traction Bars

OUO Traction Bars

What is the difference between OUO Long gussets traction bars and OUO Short Gusset Traction Bars?

The difference between OUO Long gussets traction bars and OUO Short Gusset Traction Bars are how they look. Both function the same the only difference is one has a larger gusset than the other.


Do I need beside the frame or under the frame brackets for my traction bars?

If your leaf springs are mounted outside your frame and your frame does not get wider under the cab then you need beside the frame brackets. If your trucks springs are under the frame or your frame gets wider under the cab you need the under frame brackets.  


beside-frame.jpg under-frame.jpg

I have a boxed frame, how do I mount the bars?

Boxed frames have 2 options. You will need a Blind Bolt kit that lets you drill a hole through one layer of the frame and install a fastener that locks into that hole by increasing in diameter. Or the frame bracket welded on to the Frame. Welding is the strongest mounting and to this date we have not had a welded on bracket problem.  Blind Bolt kits need to have the bolt torque checked at 500 miles and again at 1000 miles and at every oil change after that.

Will OUO Traction bars “bind up” or limit my suspension travel or articulation in any way?

No, they do not.

Patented OUO Traction Bars are the only brand of functional traction bars available.

For a Traction Bar to be functional and not a just a "fashion bar" we have found if you have ANY ;Rod End, Flex Joint, Jonny Joint, Ballistic Joint  or Tractor Joint, the function of the bar will suffer in ride quality, wheel travel, and articulation. They are too rigid. These bars come up short when you try to leave the line. The rigidity in these systems cause the vehicle wheels to spin very easily, which is a real problem. Especially if you are pulling a trailer around a corner in the rain. Additional symptoms, such as wheel hop, can occur on streets, sand, and other loose materials. You can really go wrong using this type of set up making it a poor addition, no matter how cheap they are. They may look the same, as in, why couldn’t lesser pathetic brands be a little more creative and come up with their own look & design to set themselves apart instead of mimicking a part to confuse customers and get them to buy a much lesser design because they look the same. Must be a little embarrassing to have no vision or integrity.

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