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F250/F350 4.5" Lift Kits

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7" to 9" Lift Kit for F450

#105431 - F450, 7-9" Lift Kits - Front & Rear Loaded

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7" to 9" Lift Kit for F250/F350

#105509 - 7"-9" Lift Kit Builder | F250/F350

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Welcome to One Up Offroad!

Welcome to the Official One Up Offroad Webstore! We at One Up Offroad strive to bring you the best and most functional parts for your truck. Specializing in Ford Super Duty trucks we have a wide range of traction and lift accessories. Don’t have a ford Super Duty? Not a problem! Check out our top-of-the-line traction bars for any truck. If your fitment is not listed, just give us a call and we will help you figure it out.

Manufacturing as a small company is full of challenges, please show us some compassion and patience. We are busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. To keep it all in perspective these are truck parts, not lifesaving medical supplies so if it takes a little longer to get really high-quality parts instead of having to settle for disappointing parts, we can all try to wait it out. The current state of the world has changed everything. The supply chain is disrupted and nonfunctional. Raw steel price is up 250%, Aluminum costs are up 200%. We currently have more than 50 active back orders. We have less personnel due to this problem. If you place an order today it will ship, but it will not ship the same week because of the many orders in front of your order.

Please assume your order will take a significant amount of time to process even if the parts are in stock. We are doing the best we can. We are giving 100% to get orders shipped out but there will be delays in even processing the order. By phone we can get you Dave’s Tech Support & Sales help. Dave is not in the warehouse department and doesn’t know when your order will ship. We will not take any phone orders. We do not have dedicated staff to answer the phone. If you can’t get the webstore to work, or if you need a custom order you can place an email order at or . It may take a day or more to get back to you.

If we say 2 weeks, that is a guess and will probably not be in 2 weeks. Being the squeaky wheel with daily / weekly phone calls about “where is my order” and “when will it ship” takes productive time away from shipping your orders. We did not forget about you, if we are not communicating with you that means we do not have any changes or updates currently. You are still in line in order on the back-order list. We are not putting people in front of you, and we are not putting you in front of other people. If you are too impatient to wait, and do not want to support us on our journey to build the highest quality parts you can buy, you can always cancel your order before it ships with no restocking fees of any kind. We will all get used to waiting for things, we will all get used to paying more for things. We are offering you our service, knowledge, and valuable time to make your truck better, please try to see the value in that service.

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