What To Expect at Checkout

Checkout: What to Expect

No item returns totaling $100.00 or less, including items under $100.00. By the time you pay the shipping and restock fee, there is no amount to refund on the invoice.



Update 2023. To better serve and respect you, we do not take credit card information on the webstore at time of checkout. We do accept credit cards for payment (4% fee) or a digital check with your bank routing number and account number (0% fee) but not at the time you order. Think of your online order as just a sales order that can be updated and changed without having to credit your card for taking things off the order you placed online. When your order is ready to ship we will update your sales order to an Invoice. That invoice gets emailed to you for your review and your payment will be received through the secure Quickbooks merchant services online network thru a link in the email.

We do not handle customers credit card information. This is a very simple process and protects you 4 ways. 1, we cant charge your card until you approve the final invoice with corrected shipping. 2, We never have accesses to your Credit card information. 3, We don't hold onto your funds until the back ordered parts ship. 4, You are at no risk to place an order and there is no restocking fee if you cancel before the order ships. Since the majority of our sales are over $1000.00 and it could take weeks to ship these large orders we do things to treat our customers better. Yes we know it is more steps for the customer that is just buying a pitman arm nut, thank you for helping us make sure your critical info is respected. 


 If you would like help with the checkout process,

Click Here > Checkout : Step by Step.



Things to be aware of:

If you are ordering a single item or two, your shipping estimates will generally be accurate. IF YOU ARE ORDERING KITS, it is more than likely that your shipping costs are highly inflated. We have seen some estimates inflated by $100-$400 dollars or more. Don't worry, we adjust our shipping based on the actual rates and will automatically adjust your order to reflect that.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but we will try our best to give you a smooth experience.


I have no shipping options when I checkout, what do I do?

Technology is not always kind and shipping plug-ins are no exception. Just chose the option for a shipping quote. We will send you an invoice when your order is processed, and you will be able to see the cost. Generally, this error does not happen, but we wanted to address it just in case. If it does happen to you, please leave a note in the comment box when checking out.

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How do I get order updates?

We are more than happy to assist you via email or phone. HOWEVER, we have a very small crew and with the continual supply change issues we have a variety of challenges and wait times to overcome. Constant inquiries distract us from other tasks that help to complete your order. Please note that backorder quotes on lead time are not 100% guaranteed or accurate.

Help! I can't find my invoice!

We work to keep our email address to be up to date to pass security checks when we send them out. A Majority of the time, if its not in your inbox, it will be in your junk folder. If you still can't find, please shoot us an email or give us a call and we will help you sort it out.

Below is a sample email so you know what to look out for and know that it is not junk or a phishing scam.


The Comment Box

If you have any timelines that you are trying to reach, please add them to the checkout box. Please bear in mind, we do not guarantee to meet this deadline. We can’t try to fulfill unrealistic requests, such as placing a full lift kit order and expecting it the following week. We do wish to help in any way we can but request that you do not make us ignore people who have ordered before you.

You can also use this box to enter a PO number or any other information pertinent to your order or truck.

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I can't checkout, but I do not have an account and don't want one.

Unfortunatley, our website does not allow Guest Checkout. This is due to both security and ordering reasons. It also helps us better track your orders and information so we can better serve you. We DO NOT SALE or give away any of your information. It is only used to track orders, create orders, and so we can contact you as needed.