2.5in Rear PiggyClamp Shock, 7-9in Lift (2005-2016)

Custom Built: 4 to 8 Weeks Delivery Time. Sometimes in stock. Call to Find Out.
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#106032 - 2.5in Rear PiggyClamp Shock, 7-9in Lift (2005-2016)**

  • Includes one shock
  • OUO custom valved for best highway ride, towing, and body roll control
  • Fits factory mounting
  • Includes black aluminum reservoir mounting clamps as shown in photo "PiggyClamp"
  • Correct spacer inserts for mounting to use your factory hardware
  • OUO Shock Logo Name Plates
  • Come in black anodized and Cad Plated
  • Custom colors and finishes available for additional fee

These custom buld shocks have a 4 to 5 week delivery times. Sometimes we do have shocks in stock, call to find out.

  • All shocks must use a boot or roost guard
  • Shaft seal damage NOT COVERED under warranty
  • Customer pays shipping on shocks for repair, even if it's an warranty repair


All shocks are purchased as “buyer beware”. The manufactures “provide” a warranty for their shocks, but we have yet to see these companies cover any of the shock defects. It just seems that they will not stand behind their products. We feel obligated to let you know of what you are getting into and our general disappointment with these companies. We have seen brand new, never installed shocks still in box arrive leaking. The manufactures say it’s a problem with the shaft, which is NOT covered under the warranty. This isn’t so much a brand problem as it is an industry problem. Every brand we deal with finds a way to avoid even paying shipping for you to send your shock back for inspection. If it was just leaking and you give the go ahead to repair, it will cost 80% of the new shock price, and will still look old. Winter road conditions will destroy the shock’s finish in less than a year. Things like road salt calcium, etc., will eat at the finish on a steel bodied shock. Race shocks will need to be rebuilt more of than a non-race shock, they will even leak and blow out seals more often than a non-race shock. Hoses will leak, fittings will leak, rod ends wear out, fittings rust as they are only zinc plated, bodies will discolor, bodies can rust, the anodizing will fade, and they will look old sooner than we feel $2000 worth of shocks should. Race shocks are a commitment for a daily drive and if you are a little-to-low maintenance person, race shocks might be frustrating and expensive for you. Fluffy blue shocks have the same issues as black or red shocks.
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