Coil Levelers, Adjustable 2.5in, 2005+ Ford SD

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#105020 - Adjustable Coil Levelers™ (ACL)*


  • 2005+ Ford F250 | F350 | F450 | F550
  • *Only fits 4x4, will NOT fit 2x4/RWD
  • *This kit includes Qty. 2 Coil Levelers

The new bumper and winch added more weight to the front end? No problem, get that ride height back with the ACL. Your truck has a lean from side to side? Use the ACL to balance it left to right. With this kit, you aren’t stuck using coil overs to achieve an adjustable ride height.

  • Race truck style coil over technology, with OEM ride quality
  • Built on the platform of adjustability
    • Like all of One Up Offroad’s lift kits, the ACL is designed to suit your ever-changing needs
  • 0in to 2.5in of height adjustment gives you the adjustment function of a coil over without having the hassle of a coil over
  • Use it on a stock truck to level out the front end when you add a bumper or a winch
  • Use it on a lifted truck to fine tune your ride height front, back and side to side
  • Custom designed isolator secures the bottom of the spring to the ACL which eliminates the metal-on-metal contact creating a quieter, smoother ride
  • This unit simply replaces lower spring mount with easy bolt-on installation
  • Great when combined with a One Up Offroad radius arm System
  • Components are Salt Bath Nitride hardened or e coated, or powder coated treated to exceed OEM standards for corrosion resistance
  • CAD designed and cycled with OEM chassis models to ensure proper fit and clearance
  • Precision CNC machined components ensure the best quality in the industry for perfect fit and finish
  • Highest quality rolled threads on the threaded post rather than machined threads on the post
  • Hardened retaining nuts


This part can be used outside of our lift systems for fixing height problems side to side or to bring a loaded truck back up to height. These are not intended to be the only item you use to get a 2.5” level.

There are lots of uses for the ACL’s but they are only one part of a lift system, they are not all of the parts you need to level or lift a truck. As you raise the truck you lose castor, and the axle is pushed out the driver’s side of the truck from the angle of the track rod.

If the sole purpose of these is to make your truck level, please hear us when we tell you 100% get the rest of the lift system. Look at the OUO#105503

It’s a really bad idea to install ONLY an OUO Leveler or spring and shock level kit, even with alignment cams cam the castor is too low, and the truck will not drive good at freeway speeds. This low castor will cause death wobble.

While we are on the subject of bad ideas:

  1. Running a coil spring and shock as the only components in your level kit leaves the truck with amplified bump steer, offset axle, zero castor and causes conflicts with the steering stabilizer.
  2. It’s a bad idea to install track rod bracket that is not a One Up Offroad part to center the axle because it doubles the bump steer.
  3. It’s a bad idea to install an adjustable track rod with Teflon Rod Ends because they transfer 100% of the road force to the frame. The road force jack hammering amplifies steering chatter, damages the steering box and all of the other steering joints. Decades of running these Teflon Rod Ends taught us that they don’t last as long as Ford parts. Teflon Rod Ends squeak and are not greaseable. Most of the Teflon Rod End Track Rod are not even adjustable in the truck so they are a huge pain in the ass to get the axle correct under the truck. we could go on and on about how horrible these are, we highly warn you to steer clear of these down grades.
  4. Adding an adjustable track rod to center the axle and not matching the other components correctly is a short cut down grade that amplifies bump steer.
  5. It’s a down grade to not correctly match the pitman arm to the track rod and the track rod bracket and the radius arm drops as full system.

Not matching the critical components geometry will cause the truck to prematurely wear parts and you will get death wobble over and over.

We hear “my truck drives OK” all the time from people that have cut every corner and from people that spent crazy money on a lift and then, those same people 2000 miles later … I have horrible death wobble can you fix it?

If you don’t have the funds or can’t justify what it costs to do it correctly, then leave it stock. At least you will not do more harm than good.

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2005-2022 F250 | F350 | F450 | F550